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Pack of 5 Darkins Chocolates

Darkins Chocolates
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Darkins 70% dark chocolate with Roasted Almonds- The old school pairing, crunchy almonds and smooth dark chocolate. It's the friend for all seasons

Darkins 65% dark chocolate with Coffee- For your late night work routines or if you just like coffee. Blended mild roast coffee from the hills of Coorg with the rich intense cacao from coastal Andhra

Darkins 70% dark chocolate with Blueberries- The blues buster. Dark 70% cacao brightened with blueberry chunks.

Darkins 70% dark chocolate with Cranberries & Chilli- Bhut jholokia chilli adds just enough sting to the tanginess of the cranberries. If you like dark chocolate with a little heat, this one's for you!

Darkins 80% dark chocolate in Karnataka Cacao- Single-origin cacao from Puttur with notes of Banana, Vanilla, Bread, Sage. Mild Roast