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Meet The Chef

My first exposure to real chocolate was in 2004 and instantly knew that I wanted to keep consuming only the best kind of chocolates. That took me to a quest to understand chocolate . I wanted to travel the world or at least start off with a chunk of it to understand the world of chocolate. During all these years accumulating of battle scars I kept dreaming big, vague dreams. Started working for Hospitality in procurement after finishing studies as Pharmacist and International Business. Feeling like my entire future hinged on the dreams for amazing chocolates, I quit my job in 2015 and went on a journey to learn the art of chocolate making. It was beautiful, challenging and strangely liberating. I met chocolate makers in Taiwan, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore using cacao to make dark chocolate that was intense, unadulterated & pure . It was nothing like the sweet flatness we thought of as chocolate. Decided that I would use only locally produced cacao and specialize in Indian Cacao Beans to produce only Dark Chocolate. I trained with the Indian chocolate makers, now friends & created Darkins Chocolate ("dark-ins"), a chocolate micro-factory in Delhi, India. Where we could make dark chocolate free of fillers & unnecessary ingredients but full of flavor.

With gratitude to the people & place that inspired me, Darkins hopefully will brings you the same sense of happiness , contentment & adventure.

- Founder & Chef
Richa Chaudhary